FIFA 16: Playstation 4 Review

If you’ve had any interest at all in games over the past two decades or so, you’ve almost certainly played FIFA at some point.

EA Sport’s football franchise has had serious longevity over the years, and the beauty of it has always been that the game is easy enough to pick up again from wherever you left off the last time you played.

The problem for the game is in that fact too-given it’s so similar, most people who don’t keep up to date will struggle to see many of the new additions or pick-up the subtle changes and write-it off as the same game as always.

FIFA 16 doesn’t buck that trend-some will claim it’s just like last year’s version with updated teams and fresh kits.Others-the more dedicated FIFA players-will pick up on the tweaks EA Sports have made.FIFA 16’s mechanics have actually changed, in case you’re wondering.

It has been made a touch slower, and more realistic to true life. More precise passing is now required to retain possession and set up chances.

Some might not enjoy the realism factor and players can feel like they’ve been slowed down too much if you’re directly comparing to FIFA 15, but someone picking the game up fresh should enjoy the realistic speeds and dynamics.

The biggest issue EA Sports face is that PES 16 has finally stepped up significantly. PES has a different take on gameplay and for once that take isn’t oddly bad, and offers a genuine alternative.

That’s a good thing for us-EA have been out in front for far too long and can’t take their eye off the ball, figuratively speaking.

FIFA has all the teams, and is the premium option. PES might just have the better gameplay-or at least the best it’s ever had. ¬†Fifa 16 xbox 360 coins