NBA 2K16 Vs. NBA Live 16: Which Basketball Sim Wins The Tip Off?

The genre of basketball games has been heavily dominated by Take-Two Interactive Inc.’s 2K Sports as of late. Ever since the great 2K12 release, 2K Sports has offered Electronic Arts no breathing space when it comes to basketball simulators.

This year, EA promised to revitalize various aspects of its games to compete against the powerhouse of basketball that is NBA 2K. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in North America, and the most popular sports game after FIFA and Madden.

This year’s installments saw tons of changes in both games. Both developers were looking to offer fans an entirely new experience. While NBA 2K16’s aim was to build on the success of previous games, NBA Live 16 was designed to trump 2K Sports and bring EA back in the game.

The biggest change in NBA 2K16 is the new artificial intelligence (AI) which has been upgraded from scratch. This makes manager mode and career mode a lot more fun. Moreover, your teammates will be a lot sharper this time around, which would make way for some spectacular baskets.

The players have to think about their moves, and strategize their play a lot more than before. This is an amazing addition, especially for hardcore fans of the game. On the other hand, NBA Live 16 does bring a few changes to last year’s installment; however, these changes are subtle and offer nothing in comparison to its counterpart, NBA 2K16.

NBA Live 16 makes one-on-one play a lot easier due to the terrible AI in the game. In some instances, the player that we created scored as many as 50 points per game. NBA 2K16, on the other hand, requires skills and patience before you could rack up such numbers.