FIFA 16 video game causes a stir by suggesting Irishman Damien Delaney struggles to learn English

In the latest version of the popular PlayStation and Xbox game, FIFA 16, the virtual version of Irish footballer Damien Delaney appears to have trouble settling into life in London.

Despite playing for London club Crystal Palace for the past four years, Twitter user Sean McKay captured a screenshot from the game that shows the virtual player asking to leave Britain.

In a message that appears designed for the video game’s non-English speaking players, the Cork defender’s character complains that he’s struggling to master the English language.

Humorously, in the player conversations section of the game, Delaney also seems to complain about British food and culture.

“It’s nothing personal boss, I just don’t like the country, I’m struggling with the language and I hate the food and the culture. I’ll never be able to settle here and even though everybody at the club has been kind to me, I think it’s best if I get away as soon as possible,” the videogame message reads.

FIFA 16 Web App down, not working with grey screen

We can see that there appears to be a problem with the FIFA 16 Web App down on February 4, with the desktop version not working and showing a constant grey screen.

As far as we’re aware, this is only affecting the desktop version of the online FIFA 16 Web App as the mobile version is still working fine and loading without any issues.

A quick check online and it looks like this is a problem that is happening to everyone at the moment. Discussion on this issue can already be found here on the forums, so hopefully EA is already aware of it and are fixing.

There is no heads-up on the EA Sports FIFA Twitter page which is strange, but stay tuned for the latest updates as we get it.

Are you getting the same grey screen as above when trying to sign in to the FIFA 16 Web App today?  Fifa 16 xbox coins

FIFA 16: Best Black Friday Promo Is On PSN?

Are you a football junky on the PlayStation 4? If so, you don’t have to rush to any major retailers to enjoy some great savings when purchasing FIFA 16 because the game is now available for a cheap on PSN.

Sony has updated the PSN Store earlier today and it saw the platform making huge promotions of the latest games around, including FIFA 16. The latest football title is going away for a price of $47.99.

This is about $10 off and it is considered as a big catch because FIFA 16 was released just a month ago. Other great deals on PSN that are worth noting include Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate which is going away for the same price and Rocket League.

Our advice is for you to go on PSN and see the deals for yourself before setting up camp outside any hyperchain stores.  Fifa 16 xbox coins

FIFA 16 Update: Patch Update 1.03 Released

Football simulation video game “FIFA 16” is now new and improved as updates have been released. According to International Business Times, publisher EA has released the patch update 1.03 for the latest entry of the series. It has addressed several issues and added in new contents for the fans to enjoy playing with.

Attack of the Fanboy reported that EA announced all of the details on the update patch. It can be found in their official website and topping the list of new things to expect is the updated star heads which includes players that have just been promoted to the Barclays Premier League this season. Aside from that, new third kits for Barcelona, Roma and Inter Milan has been added in also.

The new patch update for “FIFA 16” also brought many stability improvements and dealt with certain issues that were determined by the community and the FIFA Live Service team. Through it, the online matchmaking has been improved, team celebrations has been fixed, correct country flags appear in FIFA Pro Clubs, and a fix on screen size for PS4 has been done. Moreover, fixes for glitches with FIFA Online Seasons record exploits has been made. Resets for Pro Club accomplishments has also been addressed.

FIFA Ultimate Team mode has also been improved beginning with an update of the default value assigned to the Buy Now option now set at the max value when jotting down an item for sale on the Transfer Market. The Compare Price, which is used for consumable items, has also been tweaked already.

Other issues that they fixed included the goalkeeper being the default selection for all Player Roles, the image of the ball not matching the selected ball, the shared Concept Squad being displayed as playable and the historical kits used by the opponent in Play a Friend’s Squad.  Fifa 16 xbox coins

FIFA 16 vs PES 2016: Why Pro Evolution Soccer is set to surpass EA Sports

FIFA 16 and PES 2016 are set to do battle later in September and while Konami concede there no longer top dog, the developers are now ready to retake the top spot.

The gap is closing between the PES series and EA’s top football franchise, according to Konami and it does look good that this year’s version has been so well received.

The game played like a return to the glory days of the series and the tagline ‘Love The Past, Play The Future’, truly represents this. It is a return to core PES values. It has always had the issue of not having licensing.

However, PES 2016 is the official video game of the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup and also comes with a completely overhauled Master League and dynamic weather effects.

And Konami say they are now ready to renew the battle for the footballing video game top spot and hope to win it back through having the better presentation and visuals.

“We’re definitely catching up with FIFA,” product manager Adam Bhatti told MCV.

“And we have to be respectful about that. We have to keep closing that gap. In a couple of years we’ll clearly lead again.   Fifa 16 xbox coins

Predicting Arsenal’s FIFA 16 Player Ratings

Fifa 16 ios coins With the transfer window a mere four days away and the start of next year’s Premier League season a little over two months away, we have hit the point where FIFA 15 may start to breed an unquenchable internal thirst for FIFA 16. Of course, EA Sports is a tricky bugger that does not release their FIFA-child until a month after the season commences, adding to the torture.

And so, with that in mind, we have to wonder how Arsenal’s players will be rated in the next installment of FIFA. There were many grumblings that Arsenal players were underrated in FIFA 15 and I am in partial agreement. Hector Bellerin was still kicking it at a 67 by the time the season ended and Francis Coquelin was at 75.

Those are two key players that rose to glory with Arsenal but the all-wise, all knowing FIFA overlords saw their contributions as puny. Fair enough. Lets hope the FIFA overlords are pleased with Arsenal for FIFA 16.

So let’s start the predictions, beginning at the back. Fifa 16 xbox coins