FIFA 17 Wishlist: What We Would Love to See

Seeing as the official information around the game is very limited at the moment, we’ve speculated as to what we’d like to see from FIFA 17.

It seems somewhat remiss to us that the 23rd person on the pitch in every football match you ever take on in FIFA isn’t a playable one. Referees are there match in, match out, yet despite FIFA’s role as the official game of the spot, not once has EA given players the opportunity to dish out a few red and yellow cards.

We think a bonafide referee mode, where the game trains you in the art of officiating a match before letting you loose on online matches, would be the perfect new addition to the FIFA fold. While the temptation might be to send off scores of players for fun, a rating system – both by those you referee and the game itself – would ensure people started taking it seriously, helping educate those who shout at the TV screen when a decision goes against their team get to grips with just how difficult a job it is.

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FIFA 16 Team of the Season Packs Out In Friday


The biggest FIFA Ultimate Team event of the year is officially underway.

Encompassing at least six weeks, the Ultimate Team of the Season (or TOTS) begin their roll out in packs Friday at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. ET).

The first Team of the Season is the FIFA Community selected “Most Consistent Without an Inform” group. These players, picked by members of the official EA Sports FIFA forums, were the most consistently outstanding in their respective leagues without having had a single week performance great enough to merit their inclusion in one of Ultimate Team’s weekly Teams of the Week.

Amongst the highlights in the first release, are a 90-rated CDM Sergio Busquets from Barcelona card. Busquets has been a defensive midfield stalwart for the defending Champions League champs for the better part of two season with little to show for it in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The team that fell at the hands of Barca a year ago, Juventus’s spiritual leader, center midfielder Claudio Marchisio, is a member of the Most Consistent without an Inform squad for the second straight season. The 89-rated card represents Marchisio’s best ever in any of the FUTs. His TOTS card a season ago was 88 rated as was his FIFA 12 one when he was a member of the All-Southern Europe team.

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FIFA 17 is Not Yet Officially Announced

The only nugget of information we have about the new football simulation experience from EA Sports is that publisher Electronic Arts is not interested in putting Lionel Messi, the Barcelona star, on the cover because of a dispute over compensation for the role.

It seems that the plan is to get another big player to be the athlete that will promote the game, and rumors are saying that the search is currently focusing on the Premier League, the wealthiest championship in the world at the moment.

EA Sports will probably make an official announcement about FIFA 17 during the events that it will hold alongside the E3 2016 trade show in June, and the game might even be playable for those who attend.

The company needs to find a way to improve the Ultimate Team mode, which has become one of the major sources of revenue for the company but has also been criticized for the fact that limited innovation has been introduced over the past few years.

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How To Get The Maximum Reward In FIFA with FUT Draft

FUT Draft is the biggest introduction when it comes to FIFA 16’s FIFA Ultimate Team, offering a new challenge for experienced players and an interesting way to have newcomers engaged with this acclaimed game mode. Here’s how you can take advantage of it to grab the biggest reward possible.

The new mode will test your team building skills as you pick the best fit for each position from a five-player draw. Draft a squad and challenge opponents in a series of up to four matches to win the biggest reward possible. Remember you will need 15,000 coins or 300 FP to access FUT Draft.

Select a Formation
First of all, you will have to choose a formation among those available from the start-up. Be careful while you do this, as the formation will somehow determine your chances to win the row of four matches and get the maximum reward in terms of packs and coins. A more common formation will allow you to have a greater chance to select the best players on the market, and so on.

Select a Captain
Selecting a captain you give a precise imprinting to your team. If you choose an Argentinian top player or an Italian Serie A captain, then you will have to take in consideration this parameter when you complete your team, at least if you are willing to have more chemistry in your team and win all the matches that wait ahead.

Acquire the rest of the squad
That’s it: based on the parameters you have selected so far, you now need to complete the rest of the squad. Don’t forget to always have an eye on the chemistry of your squad, if you want to have your players at the top of their form.

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FIFA 16 Servers Down with April 7 Maintenance Shock

We have an important message for FIFA 16 players now, as you may have noticed that FIFA 16 servers are down on April 7, 2016 for maintenance. EA has sent out the message on social media that FUT will be down for a massive 6 hours of maintenance. It started at 6am UK time, meaning that you won’t be able to log in until 12pm UK time on Thursday. For those in the US, that relates to 10pm Pacific Time to 4am in the morning so make sure you are aware of that.

We know not everyone uses Twitter so we just wanted to make sure you knew about the maintenance. If you were in the middle of a FUT Draft, you may have just been kicked out of the EA servers which is obviously frustrating as it means you lose all of your progress and coins.

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How to Control FIFA 16’s New Bullet Pass

By holding RB/R1, players will deliver a much faster pass, aimed at finding a man tightly marked and preventing defenders from intercepting the ball. The trouble is that this pass is much trickier to control, especially with any players below world class status.

There are a couple of things you can do to help ensure the ball finds its target. Firstly, it helps if the intended receiver is facing the ball. If he is square to the man passing the ball, he’s more prepared to receive the pass, plus his body is between defender and ball.

Secondly, let go of the run button when trying to control the ball. Holding sprint will make the ball trickier to control as your player is intending to take a heavy touch to knock it into space. Just use the left stick or, if possible, hold nothing at all, and let him bring it into his feet before trying to take on the next defender.

Finally, if you’re delivering the ball to a man on the edge of the box, a parallel touch is easier than one continuing in the path the ball was going, as it takes the momentum out of the pass.

Also, be sure to let go of RB/R1 after you make the pass, as that button also makes a receiver dummy (step-over) the ball and forego taking a touch, which is a great skill, except when receiving a bullet pass.

FIFA Is Continuing With Its Yearly Launch Schedule

EA Sports has not offered any details about the new installment in the football sim series, but the studio has a tradition of revealing the new game just before the E3 2016 event, with the launch date set for sometime in September.

It’s highly likely that this year the team will only offer FIFA 17 on the Xbox One, the PC and the PlayStation 4 and that no more support will be offered for the older consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

It’s unclear what kind of major gameplay tweaks are planned, but the community has been asking for a bigger emphasis on speed, especially when it comes to wing play, and for more options to tweak player behavior based on tactical concerns.

A rumor about FIFA 17 is suggesting that EA Sports and Lionel Messi, the superstar playing for Barcelona, have failed to come to an agreement regarding his continued presence on the cover of the game.

Apparently the video game company is now looking for another big star to work with, and sources claim that the player might come from one of the biggest teams in the Premier League.

Until the new game in the franchise is officially announced EA Sports might introduce a final gameplay related update for the current installment but no announcement has been made yet.

The studio has also said that it plans to continue to offer special events and tournaments in the coming months to keep the player community engaged with the game.

Brian Jaldin: I Want to Meet World Best Player Ronaldo

Newly qualified U.S. entrant for the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC), Brian Jaldin, has revealed his dream to meet hero Cristiano Ronaldo at next year’s Ballon d’Or.

The 21-year-old secured his place at the 32-man Grand Final in New York, which runs from March 20-22, by winning Saturday’s host nation qualification tournament in Seattle.

For a diehard Real Madrid supporter like Jardin, the possibility of winning the FIWC and having the opportunity to attend next year’s Ballon d’Or ceremony as a VIP is a huge motivation.

“I’d most want to meet Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s the best player in the world,” Jaldin told Goal. “He’s a complete player and [Lionel] Messi is just a different kind of style but Ronaldo is a complete player.”

Jaldin coasted to a 4-1 victory in the qualification final with Real Madrid and the Arlington, Virgina, native has faith that he can beat the best in the world if he plays to his strengths.

Jaldin will be the host country’s representative at next month’s FIWC Grand Final, where the winner will be awarded $20,000.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Chemistry Styles Guide


Undoubtedly, Ultimate Team has garnered the most attention from EA developers and gamers in most recent years. There is an ongoing quest undertaken by players to consistently improve their squads. One area of interest to improve their cards is purchasing of Chemistry Styles, a consumable card.

As any other consumable, they can be purchased on the market, or obtained from a pack. In FUT 13, players received boosts for every stat. Since FUT 14, players receive boosts for a chosen number of stats dependent on the Chemistry Style selected. These cards can be applied to a player to change their style of play adjusting the players attributes to their squad needs.

Chemistry Styles cards allow players to choose which stats will be affected by chemistry.

The chemistry styles cards do not change the chemistry numbers. They redistribute the stats that will receive chemistry boosts. Chemistry boosts will increase the value of specific in-game stats–thus increasing the player’s ability to perform.

Wolfsburg Officially Ink a FIFA 16 Player


Everyone loves to play some video games from time to time, but nobody expects to be able to make a living doing so. For the most part, playing Xbox or Playstation is a great way to relieve stress, kill some time, and have some fun. However, Wolfsburg proved that is not always the case.

On Thursday, the club confirmed that they have signed David Bytheway to an official contract-even though the transfer window is already over. Bytheway won’t be playing any part on the pitch for the club or even on the bench as a coach, but instead he has been designated as the team’s official FIFA 16 representative.

Bytheway has become renowned across the globe for his FIFA skills, having represented England at the FIFA Interactive World Cup. He will now be dawning the green and white of Wolfsburg every time he plays in a tournament, or creates a video.

The 22-year-old has big dreams for the world of professional video gaming, as he hopes that more teams in leagues across Europe also take up the idea of signing a full-time FIFA player.

While it may be a while before we see the likes of Manchester United or Chelsea signing a video game stud to their squad, Wolfsburg proved on Thursday that the idea may not be as far fetched as one might think.