FIFA 16 Transfer list stuck on expired, EA ignoring fix

We can see that there is an ongoing problem with FIFA 16 after recent maintenance, in relation to the transfer market. Specifically, we have discovered ourselves that the FIFA 16 transfer list is stuck on expired with items saying that they are ‘no longer owned’.

As a result, these items can no longer be relisted, sent back to the club or quick sold. They are literally stuck there with no sign of a fix and it’s a problem that happens both on console and on the Web App and Mobile app.

We contacted EA about this and were told by EA Representative Bernard C that a ‘specialist’ was looking into it and that the problem was currently being investigated.

The funny thing about this though, is that there is countless evidence of the same problem happening in FIFA 15 and even one particular user in a thread here was also told that a ‘specialist’ is looking into it-12 months ago.

Hopefully EA’s customer service system hasn’t been left red faced over this and there really is a fix in the works for this common problem.

Do you currently have the same issue where your FIFA 16 transfer list is stuck and haven’t been able to get a genuine fix from EA?   Fifa 16 ps4 coins

FIFA 16: Fastest Players With Skill Moves

Almost two months after the release of FIFA 16, players all over the world have just about finally adjusted to the new game-engine. Though pace appears to be less important in this year’s edition, it can still bring devastating results when combined with unbelievable skill moves.

With more emphasis in-game being on the ability to beat a man with more than just speed alone, having a skiller in your repertoire is becoming pretty important.

Skill moves allow you to do several things when mastered. A well-timed trick can open up space for a killer pass or shot, can draw a foul if necessary, and most importantly, can help you humiliate your opponent beyond belief. Mix that in with killer pace, and the results may prove frightening.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? The idea of chopping, flicking and sprinting past your helpless opponent at will-but which players should you be turning to for that extra bit of flair? Which players within FIFA 16 actually have both insane speed and silky skill? Who do they play for?  Fifa 16 ps4 coins

FIFA 16 Players Who Were Chosen for the Exclusive Beta Can Now Start Downloading!

Fifa 16 ps4 coins  The wait is almost over for those who were picked to participate in the closed beta testing for “FIFA 16”, as it was just announced that the game is now available for download. Downloading and installing it is pretty straightforward, and even though players will only have access to a limited set of content, it should still be enough to give feedback for the quality of the gameplay and the overall state of polish. We expect to start hearing opinions about the new game very shortly, even if players a limited in what they can share about their experiences.

One thing to note about this beta is that it comes with quite the large download-fans will need to prepare themselves to download nearly 16 GB of data before they can start playing, so those who want to get started as soon as possible should probably leave the game downloading overnight or something along those lines. Especially players with a troubled connection who might need even more time before they’ll be able to join the fun.

Different players will get access to different game modes, picked from a pool of Pro Clubs, Career Mode, Online Seasons and Ultimate Team. It’s not clear how the modes are separated yet and what kind of organization EA have running on the backend to ensure a fair experience for everyone, but so far there have been no complaints about the way the beta is organized.

Some were quick to point out that the stats of all footballers are the same like in “FIFA 15”, but according to EA that’s on purpose-the game hasn’t received its new, updated stats for its players, so the values included in the current release are actually a direct copy from the last game.

In addition, those who’ve had a chance to check out the game earlier this month should find the experience in the current beta more or less similar, as EA stated that the version is mostly the same, with some small updates and improvements here and there.

The beta has been made available on several platforms simultaneously, including both PlayStation consoles as well as the current/last gen Xbox models. All console players should get a good chance to check out the title before its official release and decide for themselves if this is the kind of “FIFA” that they would buy once it comes out.  Cheap fut coins