How to Control FIFA 16’s New Bullet Pass

By holding RB/R1, players will deliver a much faster pass, aimed at finding a man tightly marked and preventing defenders from intercepting the ball. The trouble is that this pass is much trickier to control, especially with any players below world class status.

There are a couple of things you can do to help ensure the ball finds its target. Firstly, it helps if the intended receiver is facing the ball. If he is square to the man passing the ball, he’s more prepared to receive the pass, plus his body is between defender and ball.

Secondly, let go of the run button when trying to control the ball. Holding sprint will make the ball trickier to control as your player is intending to take a heavy touch to knock it into space. Just use the left stick or, if possible, hold nothing at all, and let him bring it into his feet before trying to take on the next defender.

Finally, if you’re delivering the ball to a man on the edge of the box, a parallel touch is easier than one continuing in the path the ball was going, as it takes the momentum out of the pass.

Also, be sure to let go of RB/R1 after you make the pass, as that button also makes a receiver dummy (step-over) the ball and forego taking a touch, which is a great skill, except when receiving a bullet pass.