FIFA18 Also to talk about 41212 candidates, from the side of the formation in 41212 and more than one

Also to talk about 41212 candidates, from the side of the formation in 41212 and more than a month. Each position in addition to several super also has tried a lot of players, so so casual chat record… FIFA 18 Coins

Say first ST once I am fulcrum * * fan of the striker, protection type striker used such as ibrahimovic Kane luca library lai wan month, after a overrun by a king Jesus, I finally gave up the fulcrum. Shot is better than Cain, in front of the play is not the beginning of high capacity is just data, attached with nearly 300 games of Cain, sentence summary, protection type striker explosive force is weak, not suitable for battle.

* silk file 41212 ST recommendation, * silk features: around fifty thousand oceans Double speed 85 + 85 + flexible balance, to put an end to the 85 +, height of basic powder. Similar players: spitz this gomes DE serie a. In this both my transition, can only say that you can use, hot seuss FIFA18 exclusive bonus is better, but also can only be can use the forward

ST is recommended in the end, the end of the ST features: small more than 10, two hundred thousand, in front of the competent, dribbling ability is stronger, the individual can do dribbling both body and speed, each have each defect. This level of ST can choose one of the more complete player, grid Arbutus phil mino is for private use, all are good players but each have each problem, Pierre aubameyang feel hard, grid right leg disability, phil mino composure to powder, but the personal style to choose the strikers are good and Pierre aubameyang absolute velocity behind him, a suitable grid dribbling His left foot pump diagonal Left foot rub are playing god. Phil mino universal striker, body perfect combination speed dribbling shooting the ball if cooperate with another strong ST is very appropriate.

High-end ST say first don’t recommend it. After all, this price, basic can use this kind of forward distribution within the 30-1 million. First of all the players is not can’t use, and the players I also often encountered in weeks, just as the price is quite high player I can’t stand disadvantages too obvious, of course, is just my personal is not recommended. Salah all color swatches are not suitable for ST, first month salah not need costly, excellent dribbling speed, limited ability to end though good but two stars inverse, and basic no long shots, composed of 77 arc 80 makes the card the way big discounts at the end of the attack. Sue the emergence of teeth must be very surprised, I was struggling whether to take him into the player is not recommended, but as Mr Putin’s highest capacity ST, Mr Putin high ST 85 calm really hard to accept, in weeks Sue tooth gave me the feeling is scoring ability is not stable, score means a single, empty 86 arc and don’t rub stunt. Generations of extreme value is slightly lower, resulting in table tennis after a two easy to guard back. As the gold card, of course, the first ST Sue tooth is absolutely can use, but combination of price and I don’t think definitely recommend it. Chose the two behind the legend of ST, price is very low. Shearer two spend three inverse doomed ceiling is very low, and Michael Owen in addition to love pink I estimate is not used.

High-end and Isaiah level ST recommendation, important in the front, such as the champions league to Henry fertilizer, bailey this super man as long as the money is worth it, are all can change the existence of the team. O return to normal level, first of all, he I used blackberry, this two people is a basic without faults except against and height, similar characteristics so speak together, speed attack means diversity, dribbling is very good, no matter behind circle rubbing shoot long shots can satisfy your requirement. With four spend four inverse also all 90 + composure, in the 41212 table tennis attack efficiency is higher than that of the carrying case, this two people is very fate. Messi require sacrifice at three in the chemical, of course, but even if strong ST I also can’t find my rub shot than macy’s also go against players, the theory of single rolling alessandro del piero left foot.

Two millions of level compared with the legend of ST. Crespo is also one of the very high field forward, model well Hair style and elegant Shooting well Composed of up to 92 double speed well, compared to Sue tooth shot more stable, stronger aerial ability, run faster, grow more handsome. Alessandro del piero if not on CAM a match absolutely recommend it as a ST, in the high-end ST one of the few five-star inverse, contrast messi flexible in addition to the lack of other aspects are equal, but after all, his right foot. Another 88 85 shevchenko 91 basten high old peas Although a few Zhang Chuanji this price is not high, but also can be up to 41212 of the ST position

Last about 41212 st mentality, hesitate formations play heavy use of one-two operation, so even if low attacking players, also will pass after plug plug plug, so relatively less important and positive attitude degrees