FIFA Is Continuing With Its Yearly Launch Schedule

EA Sports has not offered any details about the new installment in the football sim series, but the studio has a tradition of revealing the new game just before the E3 2016 event, with the launch date set for sometime in September.

It’s highly likely that this year the team will only offer FIFA 17 on the Xbox One, the PC and the PlayStation 4 and that no more support will be offered for the older consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

It’s unclear what kind of major gameplay tweaks are planned, but the community has been asking for a bigger emphasis on speed, especially when it comes to wing play, and for more options to tweak player behavior based on tactical concerns.

A rumor about FIFA 17 is suggesting that EA Sports and Lionel Messi, the superstar playing for Barcelona, have failed to come to an agreement regarding his continued presence on the cover of the game.

Apparently the video game company is now looking for another big star to work with, and sources claim that the player might come from one of the biggest teams in the Premier League.

Until the new game in the franchise is officially announced EA Sports might introduce a final gameplay related update for the current installment but no announcement has been made yet.

The studio has also said that it plans to continue to offer special events and tournaments in the coming months to keep the player community engaged with the game.