FIFA 16 Update: Patch Update 1.03 Released

Football simulation video game “FIFA 16” is now new and improved as updates have been released. According to International Business Times, publisher EA has released the patch update 1.03 for the latest entry of the series. It has addressed several issues and added in new contents for the fans to enjoy playing with.

Attack of the Fanboy reported that EA announced all of the details on the update patch. It can be found in their official website and topping the list of new things to expect is the updated star heads which includes players that have just been promoted to the Barclays Premier League this season. Aside from that, new third kits for Barcelona, Roma and Inter Milan has been added in also.

The new patch update for “FIFA 16” also brought many stability improvements and dealt with certain issues that were determined by the community and the FIFA Live Service team. Through it, the online matchmaking has been improved, team celebrations has been fixed, correct country flags appear in FIFA Pro Clubs, and a fix on screen size for PS4 has been done. Moreover, fixes for glitches with FIFA Online Seasons record exploits has been made. Resets for Pro Club accomplishments has also been addressed.

FIFA Ultimate Team mode has also been improved beginning with an update of the default value assigned to the Buy Now option now set at the max value when jotting down an item for sale on the Transfer Market. The Compare Price, which is used for consumable items, has also been tweaked already.

Other issues that they fixed included the goalkeeper being the default selection for all Player Roles, the image of the ball not matching the selected ball, the shared Concept Squad being displayed as playable and the historical kits used by the opponent in Play a Friend’s Squad. ¬†Fifa 16 xbox coins