FIFA 16 Transfer list stuck on expired, EA ignoring fix

We can see that there is an ongoing problem with FIFA 16 after recent maintenance, in relation to the transfer market. Specifically, we have discovered ourselves that the FIFA 16 transfer list is stuck on expired with items saying that they are ‘no longer owned’.

As a result, these items can no longer be relisted, sent back to the club or quick sold. They are literally stuck there with no sign of a fix and it’s a problem that happens both on console and on the Web App and Mobile app.

We contacted EA about this and were told by EA Representative Bernard C that a ‘specialist’ was looking into it and that the problem was currently being investigated.

The funny thing about this though, is that there is countless evidence of the same problem happening in FIFA 15 and even one particular user in a thread here was also told that a ‘specialist’ is looking into it-12 months ago.

Hopefully EA’s customer service system hasn’t been left red faced over this and there really is a fix in the works for this common problem.

Do you currently have the same issue where your FIFA 16 transfer list is stuck and haven’t been able to get a genuine fix from EA? ¬†¬†Fifa 16 ps4 coins