FIFA 16 Title Update Tweaks Positioning, Passing, Containment, More

Buy fut 16 coins  FIFA 16 continues to be one of the most popular titles launched this year by Electronic Arts, and that means the developers at EA Sports continue to work on updates for the football simulation, taking into account the feedback that the community has been offering during the past few weeks.

In an official site update, the two companies explain that a new title update is now live for the PC version of the experience, with launch set to take place on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One once the changes get through the certification process, with no ETA yet offered.

EA Sports explains that gamers have been very clear about the elements of FIFA 16 that they want to see improved: passing, player positioning, defensive pressure and the way referees deal with fouls and especially penalties.

The title update is designed to deal with some of the issues and gamers can see a full list of the changes made by clicking on the button at the end of this article.

The studio is not offering a full rundown of the changes, preferring to mention the high-level effects that FIFA 16 players will be able to see when they play some matches.

It’s very likely that the tweaks will not satisfy all the demands made by the player community and that another title update will be required in the near future to make sure that the fan base remains satisfied and engaged.

EA Sports also says that it has made slight changes to the way Chemistry, one of the core values for the Ultimate Team mode, boost the attributes of players when it comes to long shots, passing and interceptions.

Feedback is encouraged from PC gamers so that the developers can develop a good idea of how they can further improve the experience offered by FIFA 16.