FIFA 16: Fastest Players With Skill Moves

Almost two months after the release of FIFA 16, players all over the world have just about finally adjusted to the new game-engine. Though pace appears to be less important in this year’s edition, it can still bring devastating results when combined with unbelievable skill moves.

With more emphasis in-game being on the ability to beat a man with more than just speed alone, having a skiller in your repertoire is becoming pretty important.

Skill moves allow you to do several things when mastered. A well-timed trick can open up space for a killer pass or shot, can draw a foul if necessary, and most importantly, can help you humiliate your opponent beyond belief. Mix that in with killer pace, and the results may prove frightening.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? The idea of chopping, flicking and sprinting past your helpless opponent at will-but which players should you be turning to for that extra bit of flair? Which players within FIFA 16 actually have both insane speed and silky skill? Who do they play for? ¬†Fifa 16 ps4 coins