FIFA 16: Best Black Friday Promo Is On PSN?

Are you a football junky on the PlayStation 4? If so, you don’t have to rush to any major retailers to enjoy some great savings when purchasing FIFA 16 because the game is now available for a cheap on PSN.

Sony has updated the PSN Store earlier today and it saw the platform making huge promotions of the latest games around, including FIFA 16. The latest football title is going away for a price of $47.99.

This is about $10 off and it is considered as a big catch because FIFA 16 was released just a month ago. Other great deals on PSN that are worth noting include Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate which is going away for the same price and Rocket League.

Our advice is for you to go on PSN and see the deals for yourself before setting up camp outside any hyperchain stores.  Fifa 16 xbox coins