Electronic Arts Games: Fifa 16 Is Probably Not That Impressive

Electronic Arts Inc. is back with yet another version of FIFA. The much-awaited FIFA 16 was released by the most revered sports franchise on Tuesday, September 22. For all gamers, giddy excitement of FIFA 16’s release and the prospect of finally getting a chance to play the latest edition of the game was enough to get them running to the stores. With the game being out for more than two weeks, the reviews now are not that good. Let’s see what the biggest sport franchise has to offer this time.

FIFA 16 is an all-inclusive giant of a video game for next-gen consoles. The game introduces a few more game modes, teams and licenses to keep the gamers at their toes. The genuine Sky Sports feel along with really addictive offline and online modes provides gamers with a jaw dropping experience. It provides realistic experience whether you are at the Nou Camp for El Classico or at Fratton Park for League Two football, introduced for the first time in the game.

When it comes to the gameplay, it is a huge let down and immensely frustrating for any fan. The promotions for the game offered increased control and confidence in Midfield and Defense with a few magical moments. In reality however, the game felt like FIFA 15 at the slowest settings possible.

Gone are the days when the likes of Roberto Carlos and Gabby Agbonlahor could sear through because pace meant everything. In FIFA 16 no matter how fast the player is, it will feel like Steve Evans in Wembley rather than Walcott or Sterling.

The game does not in any way let the pacers outpace the defensive line with a perfectly delivered ball and it is impossible to go one on one with the keeper unless something went incredible wrong.

FIFA has much to offer to gamers as a football game but it feels like FIFA 16 is missing out on a lot when we compare it with earlier versions of the game. The developers have always come up with breathtaking FIFA experience but they have made some significant mistakes this time. The game has nothing remarkable to offer and we believe that the latest version is a big letdown for all the FIFA enthusiasts out there.  Fut 16 Android coins