FIFA 16 Ultimate Team TOTW-7

EA Sports have announced the latest edition FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Team of the Week and the headline news is that Neymar, Harry Kane and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are all in the side.

All three players scored a hat-trick for their clubs over the weekend with Aubameyang’s his second in the week after he scored one in the Europa League as well.

The Gabon striker has been in sensational form this season and his 13 goals in the league is the highest number of any player in Europe’s top five leagues, level with Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski.

Whilst Aubameyang’s form has been brilliant all season Spurs forward Kane has really struggled so far, scoring just one league goal before the weekend.

He was aided by some terrible Bournemouth defending but it will have been a great relief for everyone to see Kane score a hat-trick, the key now is for him to kick on and produce this form regularly.

With Lionel Messi currently out missing throughinjury Barcelonahave had to rely on their other stars and this weekend Luis Suarez stepped up to the plate with the Uruguayan scoring three over the weekend against Eibar.

At the back Laying Kurzawa is in the team after he scored in PSG’s comfortable 4-1 victory over Saint-Etienne whilst Nicolas Otamendi is in after his performance in the Manchester derby.

Keylor Navas is the team’s goalkeeper after he put in yet another heroic display for Real Madrid, justifying claims he’s probably been the best keeper in Europe this season.  Fifa 16 xbox 360 coins


NBA 2K16 Vs. NBA Live 16: Which Basketball Sim Wins The Tip Off?

The genre of basketball games has been heavily dominated by Take-Two Interactive Inc.’s 2K Sports as of late. Ever since the great 2K12 release, 2K Sports has offered Electronic Arts no breathing space when it comes to basketball simulators.

This year, EA promised to revitalize various aspects of its games to compete against the powerhouse of basketball that is NBA 2K. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in North America, and the most popular sports game after FIFA and Madden.

This year’s installments saw tons of changes in both games. Both developers were looking to offer fans an entirely new experience. While NBA 2K16’s aim was to build on the success of previous games, NBA Live 16 was designed to trump 2K Sports and bring EA back in the game.

The biggest change in NBA 2K16 is the new artificial intelligence (AI) which has been upgraded from scratch. This makes manager mode and career mode a lot more fun. Moreover, your teammates will be a lot sharper this time around, which would make way for some spectacular baskets.

The players have to think about their moves, and strategize their play a lot more than before. This is an amazing addition, especially for hardcore fans of the game. On the other hand, NBA Live 16 does bring a few changes to last year’s installment; however, these changes are subtle and offer nothing in comparison to its counterpart, NBA 2K16.

NBA Live 16 makes one-on-one play a lot easier due to the terrible AI in the game. In some instances, the player that we created scored as many as 50 points per game. NBA 2K16, on the other hand, requires skills and patience before you could rack up such numbers.

FIFA 16: Playstation 4 Review

If you’ve had any interest at all in games over the past two decades or so, you’ve almost certainly played FIFA at some point.

EA Sport’s football franchise has had serious longevity over the years, and the beauty of it has always been that the game is easy enough to pick up again from wherever you left off the last time you played.

The problem for the game is in that fact too-given it’s so similar, most people who don’t keep up to date will struggle to see many of the new additions or pick-up the subtle changes and write-it off as the same game as always.

FIFA 16 doesn’t buck that trend-some will claim it’s just like last year’s version with updated teams and fresh kits.Others-the more dedicated FIFA players-will pick up on the tweaks EA Sports have made.FIFA 16’s mechanics have actually changed, in case you’re wondering.

It has been made a touch slower, and more realistic to true life. More precise passing is now required to retain possession and set up chances.

Some might not enjoy the realism factor and players can feel like they’ve been slowed down too much if you’re directly comparing to FIFA 15, but someone picking the game up fresh should enjoy the realistic speeds and dynamics.

The biggest issue EA Sports face is that PES 16 has finally stepped up significantly. PES has a different take on gameplay and for once that take isn’t oddly bad, and offers a genuine alternative.

That’s a good thing for us-EA have been out in front for far too long and can’t take their eye off the ball, figuratively speaking.

FIFA has all the teams, and is the premium option. PES might just have the better gameplay-or at least the best it’s ever had.  Fifa 16 xbox 360 coins

Electronic Arts Games: Fifa 16 Is Probably Not That Impressive

Electronic Arts Inc. is back with yet another version of FIFA. The much-awaited FIFA 16 was released by the most revered sports franchise on Tuesday, September 22. For all gamers, giddy excitement of FIFA 16’s release and the prospect of finally getting a chance to play the latest edition of the game was enough to get them running to the stores. With the game being out for more than two weeks, the reviews now are not that good. Let’s see what the biggest sport franchise has to offer this time.

FIFA 16 is an all-inclusive giant of a video game for next-gen consoles. The game introduces a few more game modes, teams and licenses to keep the gamers at their toes. The genuine Sky Sports feel along with really addictive offline and online modes provides gamers with a jaw dropping experience. It provides realistic experience whether you are at the Nou Camp for El Classico or at Fratton Park for League Two football, introduced for the first time in the game.

When it comes to the gameplay, it is a huge let down and immensely frustrating for any fan. The promotions for the game offered increased control and confidence in Midfield and Defense with a few magical moments. In reality however, the game felt like FIFA 15 at the slowest settings possible.

Gone are the days when the likes of Roberto Carlos and Gabby Agbonlahor could sear through because pace meant everything. In FIFA 16 no matter how fast the player is, it will feel like Steve Evans in Wembley rather than Walcott or Sterling.

The game does not in any way let the pacers outpace the defensive line with a perfectly delivered ball and it is impossible to go one on one with the keeper unless something went incredible wrong.

FIFA has much to offer to gamers as a football game but it feels like FIFA 16 is missing out on a lot when we compare it with earlier versions of the game. The developers have always come up with breathtaking FIFA experience but they have made some significant mistakes this time. The game has nothing remarkable to offer and we believe that the latest version is a big letdown for all the FIFA enthusiasts out there.  Fut 16 Android coins

FIFA 16 PC Now Available For A Reduced Price Online

The FIFA series is definitely one of the more popular sports games series ever created, thanks to its gameplay features and the FIFA license, which allows EA Sports to include a lot of national teams and clubs in the games. The latest entry of the series, FIFA 16, has been released last month on consoles and PC and the game is already available for a reduced price online.

Last month a FIFA 16 playable demo has been made available in all regions. The demo allows players to try out some of the game’s features and new options such as the Kick-Off mode, the FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, the FIFA Trainer contextual training, new Skill Games and the unique Bundesliga Presentation Broadcast, which is only available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The demo also features a variety of national teams and clubs such as FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC, Inter Milan, Real Madrid CF, River Plate and the Germany and United States Women national teams.

Among the new features included in FIFA 16 are women’s national teams. Among them are the Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Italy and United States teams. Women’s teams can be used to play in Match Day modes, online friendlies and in offline tournament.

FIFA 16 is now available in all regions on a variety of formats such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The GamesPlanet deal may not be available for much longer so make sure to take advantage of it as soon as possible.  Buy cheap fut 16 coins