FIFA 16 Improvements: Upgrade Sights and Sounds

EA Sports is positioning FIFA 16 as the best release in the franchise history.

The video game giant has released a new trailer for it’s improved sights and sounds in the game that will make game play even more realistic.

Among the 900+ chants, FIFA 16 will also comes with an authentic Bundesliga broadcast package for those players who take particular interest in the German league.

Several of the star players in the game also got an overhaul with updated player starheads to make them look more lifelike.

Some of the players who get updated facial scan includes Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Paddy McNair, Andreas Pereira, and Tyler Blackett.

FIFA 16 supersedes FIFA 15 and will be released towards the end of September. The demo version will arrive two weeks before the official worldwide release.  Fut 16 Android coins

FIFA 16: Comparing the Regional Covers and New Features

Football fans will need to wait just a little over a month to nab FIFA 16 when it arrives in store and at online retailers for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One and to tide you over until then, here are the game’s covers in various regions, confirmed stadiums, and other new features which will be making their way into the game.

Argentina and Barcelona captain Lionel Messi is once again the international cover star for FIFA 16 worldwide, appearing on the box art for the fourth year in a row, he will, however, be joined by various other footballers around the world. In all, there will be eight regional covers and, in reflection of the addition of women’s teams for the first time, some of Messi’s co-stars are women players.

It was confirmed earlier this month that the game is adding a new feature called FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, which will work similarly to Madden 16’s Draft Champions. Players will be required to develop a squad of five players in each position from across the game’s Ultimate Team database.

The team you build will then play four matches offline-or-on to unlock a reward, the benefit of which will increase as you progress. Draft means players will have access to top players, including Messi, who they may otherwise not have unlocked through normal Ultimate Team play.

EA has also scanned over 450 players into the game, noting, “In addition to Barclays Premier League players and athletes from Women’s National Teams, we have also captured the likeness of some FUT Legends, and players from the major clubs in Spain and other leagues around the world.”   Buy fut 16 coins

FIFA 16 Players Who Were Chosen for the Exclusive Beta Can Now Start Downloading!

Fifa 16 ps4 coins  The wait is almost over for those who were picked to participate in the closed beta testing for “FIFA 16”, as it was just announced that the game is now available for download. Downloading and installing it is pretty straightforward, and even though players will only have access to a limited set of content, it should still be enough to give feedback for the quality of the gameplay and the overall state of polish. We expect to start hearing opinions about the new game very shortly, even if players a limited in what they can share about their experiences.

One thing to note about this beta is that it comes with quite the large download-fans will need to prepare themselves to download nearly 16 GB of data before they can start playing, so those who want to get started as soon as possible should probably leave the game downloading overnight or something along those lines. Especially players with a troubled connection who might need even more time before they’ll be able to join the fun.

Different players will get access to different game modes, picked from a pool of Pro Clubs, Career Mode, Online Seasons and Ultimate Team. It’s not clear how the modes are separated yet and what kind of organization EA have running on the backend to ensure a fair experience for everyone, but so far there have been no complaints about the way the beta is organized.

Some were quick to point out that the stats of all footballers are the same like in “FIFA 15”, but according to EA that’s on purpose-the game hasn’t received its new, updated stats for its players, so the values included in the current release are actually a direct copy from the last game.

In addition, those who’ve had a chance to check out the game earlier this month should find the experience in the current beta more or less similar, as EA stated that the version is mostly the same, with some small updates and improvements here and there.

The beta has been made available on several platforms simultaneously, including both PlayStation consoles as well as the current/last gen Xbox models. All console players should get a good chance to check out the title before its official release and decide for themselves if this is the kind of “FIFA” that they would buy once it comes out.  Cheap fut coins

Chelsea ace set to star with Arsenal’s Petr Cech in FIFA 16 clip

Fifa 16 one coins   And while the official Premier League season has kicked off, video game fans will have to wait until September to get their hands on FIFA 16, with its new Ultimate Team Draft and Career Mode.

Publisher EA unveiled a new Trailer in Cologne earlier this week, giving fans a taste of what to expect when the likes of Arsenal’s Petr Cech and Chelsea’s Oscar face off on the pitch.

FIFA 16 will also include new presentation changes that will help fully immerse gamers in the story of the match and your season.

It will boast 450 new or updated player starheads, the most ever for a FIFA title.

In addition to Premier League players and athletes from Women’s National Teams, EA have also captured the likeness of some FUT Legends, and players from the major clubs in Spain and other leagues around the world.

Other new immersion options will include the addition of over 900 chants captured from grounds around the world.

New chants include PSG’s “Allez Paris,” and Liverpool’s “When The Reds Go Marching In”.

Celebrations now include the ability to run to the nearest cameraman for a close-up, dashing to the substitutes bench and celebrating with off-field teammates.  Fifa 16 xbox 360 coins

FIFA 16 v PES 16: Top teams leave FIFA and give their exclusive rights to Pro-Evo

Fut 16 ps coins  Forget Man United v Liverpool and Jose Mourinho v Arsene Wenger. Very soon, the biggest rivalry in football will be FIFA 16 v Pro Evolution Soccer 16.

With the release of the two games’ new editions fast approaching, competition between the two is starting to get tasty. In previous years, the fight between the two titles has been more Chelsea v Fulham than Newcastle v Sunderland-FIFA have been so far ahead, there hasn’t been much competition.

However, all the indications are that PES/Pro-Evo (make a choice, people!) has significantly closed the gap this time around.

We already know their gameplay looks massively improved-but now they’re nicking teams directly from FIFA.

Flamengo and Corinthians, two of Brazil’s biggest clubs, have announced that they will NOT be appearing in FIFA 16… and have agreed a deal with Pro-Evo instead.

Apparently, the offer made by EA Sports (creators of FIFA) was “very bad”, which is why they have instead signed up with Konami (creators of PES).

Granted, the presence/absence of two Brazilian sides might not be the deciding factor in which game you choose to buy.  Fut 16 xbox coins